Do you treat laser induced hair growth?

Yes. Laser induced hair growth is a very common problem these days, usually occurring in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean type skins. Laser induced hair growth is typically found on upper arms inner arms thighs and facial areas. 

In many cases people who experience this phenomenon have had years of repeated laser treatments in the hope of fixing it. It often only becomes apparent when one ceases treatments and sees how much hair continues to grow. 

Treatments at Clinical Electrolysis can reverse this situation completely.

We create a treatment plan that involves one or two hours of weekly treatments over a period of time. Sessions can be reduced to as infrequently as three monthly but a deal more patience and time will be required to finish as the rate of progress will be slower. 

Book your cost-free consultation and test treatment to assess the extent of treatment requirements. After a few treatments lots of progress is visible and confidence in electrolysis is realised.

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How do I book an appointment?

The only way to book an appointment is to phone Clinical Electrolysis directly on (02) 9231-1903. If we are unable to answer your call, you are invited to leave a message, clearly with your name and best contact number.

We will all return calls at our earliest convenience.

How do I reschedule my appointment?

To reschedule your appointment please notify us at lest 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment. This ensures that you will not be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

How long to leave between treatments?

In this case it will depend on how often you are currently removing the hair. If you are tweezing daily we will need to see you twice weekly to begin with. If you have never removed the hair you may only need a treatment every six or eight weeks.

How often will I require treatment?

The minimum amount of treatment required can be as little as 15 minutes every three months or as much as two to three hours weekly depending on the area extent and density of the growth.

Is Electrolysis painful?

The treatment of electrolysis has come a long way from its early days when, when treating permanent hair removal was painful and more than not, unsuccessful.

At Clinical Electrolysis we use the state of the art hair removal machine, the Apilus Platinum which is the fastest and least painful technology available today.

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What happens at aN INITIAL consultation?

Your skin and hair is assessed and you will be advised of what length of time your treatments will be as well as the frequency.

Will I have to pay upfront for all my treatments?

No. In your initial consultation I will discuss with you the suggested treatment plan and how best to structure your electrolysis sessions. Payment for treatments occurs in individual sessions.

How does Laser differ from Electrolysis?

The main difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis is that electrolysis works on all hair and skin colours and types. 

Laser hair removal only works on dark hair with fair skin. Additionally in some cases laser treatment for hair removal is not always successful on every area. While laser may work very well on underarms and bikini line it may not work at all on arms or thighs.


Aftercare is minimal.

  • Avoid sunbathing for the rest of the day of treatment

  • Avoid perspiring in the treated area.

  • In some cases it’s preferable to apply some Aloe Vera gel repeatedly over 24 hours.

  • In most cases what we apply immediately after treatment in clinic is adequate for after-care.

Are there any side effects of electrolysis treatment?

The side effects of Apilus Electrolysis are minimal. Some redness and slight local swelling typically gone within an hour. It’s advisable not to sunbathe or do heavy exercise until the next day in order to avoid perspiring in the treated follicles.

How long will my treatment take to complete?

Depending on the area size, allow nine months to two years. Most hair will be permanently gone in nine to twelve months.

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