CLINICAL ELECtrolysis SUCCESSFULLY treatS the permanent removal OF hair


Electrolysis was first used to treat permanent removal of hair in 1875. Since that time the technology and machines have evolved to today’s excellent results in hair removal. When done correctly, electrolysis will result in permanent hair-free skin.

Electrolysis is medically and scientifically proven to remove hair permanently, and has both T.G.A. and FDA clearance, and the clearance is 'permanently removes hair.' Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis works on every hair colour and hair type, and, every skin colour and skin type. 

Electrolysis is the only treatment that successfully treats the permanent removal of hair from the face and body areas, including underarm, bikini line, chest and back hair, leg and face.


Understanding Regrowth and Dormant Hairs


Before commencing treatment it is important to understand the concept of regrowth and dormant hairs. When a hair is removed with its root intact (by waxing, tweezing or electrolysis) true regrowth takes anything from 6 to 13 weeks.

Due to hair being dormant for up to many months at a time, it takes from 9 to 12 months for every single hair to appear above the surface of the skin.

It should be noted that the hair you may tweeze from your chin today is not the same one you will tweeze from there next week. 


Apilus Platinum (including one disposable needle) 

  • 5 minute treatment - $45. Ideal for a few hairs.

  • 15 minutes treatment -  $60. A 15 minute treatment session is ideal for maintenance 

  • 30 minutes treatment - $90 

  • 45 minutes treatment - $120 

  • 60 minutes treatment - $145

We also treat the removal of capillaries and skin tags.

  • Capilliaries ~ Per session $100 

  • Skin Tags ~ per session $100 


At clinical electrolysis we welcome people of all genders


To discuss your specific permanent hair removal needs, we encourage you to contact Clinical Electrolysis and book your 15minute free consultation.

This will allow you to experience the Clinical Electrolysis method and to discuss your permanent hair removal treatment with Christine.

Each person’s hair removal requirements are dealt with by a case by case basis.

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I had an extensive amount (full day) sessions done here over a number of years. Christine is very experienced and fantastic to chat to. After the pain I endured getting electrolysis at several other places I was very happy to have found Clinical Electrolysis!
— HJ