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Clinical Electrolysis
Based in Sydney's CBD, Clinical Electrolysis successfully treats permanent hair removal of face and body.

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Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney’s CBD Welcomes You!

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Are you consulting Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney as a last resort for permanent and safe removal of hair?

The typical new client for Clinical Electrolysis has tried every sort of do-it-yourself hair removal method - tweezing, waxing, depilatory creams amongst others  - and will have found that home remedies inevitably lead to spreading and strengthening hair growth as well as skin irritations caused by ingrown hairs. These methods are not only ineffective but often result in pigmentation, scarring and skin rashes. 

Clinical Electrolysis, located in Sydney’s Martin Place, understands your concerns regarding privacy and safety in regards to hair removal. Be assured we also appreciate issues about pain, embarrassment and the commitment that treatment involves. Our promise to you is that all of your concerns will be met with sensitivity at Clinical Electrolysis - you will receive the highest level of care with the utmost professionalism.

At Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney, we care about you.

We’ve invested in the most effective electrolysis technology to ensure you receive the very best hair removal results.

Clinical Electrolysis is now using Apilus Platinum Pure, because Apilus Platinum Pure is virtually painless, fast and unrivalled for effectiveness and comfort. 

In order to learn more about electrolysis check out the Hair Tell forums. These forums are a wealth of information about everything to do with Electrolysis and hair removal.

Call (02) 9231 1903 to us to ask about the new, state of the art Apilus Platinum Pure machine for permanent hair removal.

Since 2006 Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney’s CBD has been one of Sydney’s leading clinics for the treatment of safe and permanent hair removal.


About the Clinical Electrolysis Clinic


The Clinical Electrolysis Clinic provides a skilled and ethical electrolysis service enabling you to be free of any unwanted hair, as safely and as quickly as possible. 

The best equipment and visual aids have been sourced. Membership of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis ensures the Clinic keeps up to date with all the latest developments in the area of permanent hair removal. 

Therefore, the standards of Clinical Electrolysis will always remain high. 

You are invited to try our Apilus Platinum Pure service, the only one of its kind in Sydney’s CBD. Apilus Platinum Pure is virtually painless, fast and unrivalled for effectiveness and comfort.

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Your Clinical Electrolysis Practitioner

Christine O'Connell D.R.E., F.I.E. is the practitioner at Clinical Electrolysis. Her career in Electrolysis began in 1978, when she trained with Frances Godfrey D.R.E., F.I.E., founding member of the Institute of Electrolysis, U. K., now known as the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (B.I.A.E.),

Christine also received personal tuitionn from Dr. Helen Harnik, Wellbeck Street, London, W1, for the treatment of facial capillaries, milia, and skin tags.

Christine has since practiced at the following clinics:
Catherine Hayes Electrolysis Clinic, Galway, Ireland,
Cherie Cooper Clinic of Electrolysis, Whangarei, New Zealand.
Dorise Scott Clinic of Electrolysis, Perth,WA,Australia.
City Electrolysis Center, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
North Shore Electrolysis Centre, North Sydney, NSW, Australia.

In 2000 Christine was awarded a fellowship of the Institute of Electrolysis in recognition of her services as an instructor of a training centre and hair removal clinic.

Please call (02) 9231 1903 to inquire or arrange an appointment.