After having my eyebrows waxed every 2-3 weeks since I was 12, at the age of 37, I have finally found a way to permanently shape them. The service is friendly and the work is done quickly. Slightly painful of course but its worth it and there is no scarring or long term pain past the treatment. The girls who are currently training have been great getting the strays and now Christine is doing a beautiful job shaping my eyebrows. My mum is also going and is very pleased and relieved to be getting rid of unwanted white hair which laser doesn’t work on. Totally recommend this clinic.
— Emma D

I had an extensive amount (full day) sessions done here over a number of years. Christine is very experienced and fantastic to chat to. After the pain I endured getting electrolysis at several other places I was very happy to have found Clinical Electrolysis!
— Hyrax J

Clinical Electrolysis is great. Sure I am paying then to torture me (they are is very good but electrolysis is at best uncomfortable especially on sensitive areas), but the results are well worth it.

If you have a low pain threshold I recommend a topical anesthetic, but if you have a reasonable tolerance or only a few unwanted hairs you should be fine.

Personally I’ve gone from shaving daily/waxing weekly to being totally happy to ignore the odd hair till my next session.
— Laura Jane

For many years I plucked facial hair which resulted in out of control growth as well as minor scarring. Thankfully I was referred to Christine from Clinical Electrolyis who immediately made me feel relaxed and that my facial hair solution was fixable. Which, over a period of time, it did correct.”
— Kathryn

I have been seeing Christine at Clinical Electrolysis for several years. She is an expert at removing facial and body hair that laser won’t. Her work is extremely precise and her attention to detail is exceptional, particularly when it comes to shaping eyebrows. Permanent hair removal is an extensive process and I only need to see her now for the occasional touch-up. I always enjoy my visits to her clinic and her new machines make the process relatively painless. I highly recommend her to those who want to be free of facial hair and for those who do not want to undertake the risks of laser hair removal. If your hair does not respond to laser, you are blonde or you wish to ‘finish’ your results, please see Christine. She is absolutely the best!
— Gisele | The Lyrical Traveller