Clinical Electrolysis
Clinical Electrolysis
Based in Sydney's CBD, Clinical Electrolysis successfully treats permanent hair removal of face and body.

Electrolysis for Safe, Successful

Permanent Hair Removal ~ Sydney CBD 


Electrolysis is the only proven method to successfully treat the permanent removal of all hair types.

Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney’s CBD is the leading clinic for the permanent and safe removal of hair.

Are you consulting Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney as a last resort for permanent and safe removal of hair?

The typical new client for Clinical Electrolysis has tried every sort of do-it-yourself hair removal method - tweezing, waxing, depilatory creams amongst others  - and will have found that home remedies inevitably lead to spreading and strengthening hair growth as well as skin irritations caused by ingrown hairs.

These methods are not only ineffective but often result in pigmentation, scarring and skin rashes. 

Our promise to you is that all of your concerns will be met with sensitivity at Clinical Electrolysis - you will receive the highest level of care with the utmost professionalism.

Our focus is to support you in putting your best face and body forward.

At Clinical Electrolysis we welcome people of all genders and treat the following areas for hair removal:

  • Chin, lips, sides of face and neck

  • Reshape hairline front and back

  • Cheeks and mid brows

  • Nipples, breasts, bikini line and stomach

  • Underarms, thighs, lower legs, arms shoulders, back, fingers and toes. 


10 reasons why CLINICAL ELECTROLYSIS is sydney’s leading permanent hair removal clinic

  1. Clinical Electrolysis is the only electrolysis permanent hair removal clinic in Sydney’s CBD, where the technician is British trained and qualified.

  2. Every treatment at Clinical Electrolysis is carried out by Christine O’Connell.

  3. The Clinical Electrolysis Clinic provides a skilled and ethical electrolysis service enabling you to be free of any unwanted hair, as safely and as quickly as possible.

  4. An average treatment at Clinical Electrolysis is 15 to thirty minutes. 

  5. Treatments are relatively fast and a large number of hairs can be removed in this timeframe. Treatment times start at 5 minutes for $45.

  6. At Clinical Electrolysis, most hair is permanently eliminated after a single treatment.

  7. Cost-free consultation and brief trial treatment available.

  8. Five minute walk from Martin Place Station.

  9. The only clinic in Sydney’s CBD using state-of-the-art Apilus Platinum Pure machine, resulting in less pain, faster, more efficient treatment.

  10. At Clinical Electrolysis, you pay for treatments as you go. This ensures that you are always satisfied with the quality and success of our work.

    The Clinical Electrolysis philosophy is that electrolysis needs to be successful, safe and permanent.



At Clinical Electrolysis in Sydney, we care about you. We understand your concerns regarding privacy and safety in regards to hair removal.

Apilus Platinum Pure MACHINE

The only clinic in Sydney CBD using Apilus Platinum Pure; the technology is virtually painless and unrivalled for effectiveness and comfort. 


We understand that you have questions about Clinical Electrolysis and our treatment for permanent hair removal. We have answers.


 Apilus Platinum pure method vs Galvanic

Galvanic current changes the water and salt naturally present in the skin to lye. This dissolves the hair follicles which can then no longer produce a hair. The Galvanic current must run for up to several minutes for this process to be fully effective.  

At Clinical Electrolysis, we use the Apilus Picoflash method. This method uses heat and only needs to be applied for a fraction of a second, as opposed to the Galvanic method, to be fully effective at eliminating the hair follicles ability to produce another hair.

You will find the Clinical Electrolysis Apilus method is more cost-effective and time efficient than the Galvanic method. Treatment times start at 15minutes for $60.

Call 02 09231 1903 to book your cost-free consultation and brief trial treatment


Meet Clinical Electrolysis Director

Christine O'Connell D.R.E., F.I.E. is the lead electrolysis technician at Clinical Electrolysis. Her career in Electrolysis began in 1978, when she trained with Frances Godfrey D.R.E., F.I.E., founding member of the Institute of Electrolysis, U. K., now known as the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (B.I.A.E.), 

Christine also received personal tuition from Dr. Helen Harnik, Wellbeck Street, London, W1, for the treatment of facial capillaries, milia, and skin tags. 

With Christine’s precise eye and skills, you are in the best hands.

CHRISTINE O’CONNELL ~ Qualifications

  • DRE ~ Diploma Remedial Electrolysis

  • FIE ~  Fellow of the institute of electrolysis

  • BIAE ~ British Institute and Association of Electrolysis


CLINICAL ELECTROLYSIS successfully treats laser induced hair growth

Laser induced hair growth is a very common problem these days, usually occurring in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean type skins and typically on upper arms inner arms thighs and facial areas. 

Christine from Clinical Electrolysis is the best electrolyis techinician in Sydney’s CBD and certainly the most qualified. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face. Christine’s warm friendly manner and attention to detail are second to none. After having numerous treatments I now only have a maintenance session every six months or so now so that my face remains hair-free. Christine’s patience and perfectionism ensure no scarring.
— Yamini | GlobalWoman