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Why Choose Electrolysis

Electrolysis is medically and scientifically proven to remove hair permanently, and has both T.G.A. and FDA clearance, and the clearance is; 'permanently removes hair.'

Electrolysis works on every hair colour and hair type, and, every skin colour and skin type.

IPL and Laser are relatively new methods in common use for approximately the past two years, and the FDA clearance is; 'permanent hair reduction'.

From my clinical experience, I have noted that Laser and IPL treatment work for some people, some of the time, but successful outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

Some of my clients have had many years of various types of Laser and/or IPL treatments before finally succeeding with electrolysis - especially facial hair.

What are the types of electrolysis?

1. Galvanism - This method is the original electrolysis invented in 1874 and the multiple needle method is still commonly used today. The galvanic current combines with the water and salt present in our skin to produce an alkaline solution, which effectively disables the follicle. It is a slow but sure process but at Clinical Electrolysis we prefer to use another method called Thermolysis, as it is a faster, more comfortable experience for the client with less irritation to the skin.

2. Theremolysis - There are several types of thermolysis (which means using heat) and we prefer the Apilus picoflash, which is the most rapid method allowing a large number of hairs to be quickly treated. The skin reddens during treatment but will on average normalise within a half hour afterwards (depending on the density of the area treated). Sensation during treatment is minimal.

We also believe this to be the most cost effective, least time consuming, as well as the kindest to the skin allowing for the most rapid healing time of any modality.

We use this method to treat the finest downy facial hairs - eyebrows and upper lips to the strongest, coarsest underarm and beard hairs with equal ease and success.

How does Thermolysis work?

A fine, sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle, which stretches naturally so no sensation should be felt.

A very brief heat current is then applied to the base of the follicle, which when performed correctly, loosens the hair that is then lifted out of the skin using tweezers. No pulling/plucking sensation should be felt.

In many cases one application is sufficient to permanently destroy a hair's potential to regrow, but in the case of particularly strong hairs - that perhaps have been tweezed, a finer hair may regrow from the same follicle and require further treatment. For more information on regrowth Click Here

What areas can be treated?

    Back, Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Fingers, Thighs, Legs, Feet, Toes, Decolletage, Abdomen, Nipples, Underarms, Bikini Lines, Hairlines

    Chin, Sides of face, Upper lip, Lower lip, Neck, Eyebrows, Hairline, Ears, Nose, Cheeks

Duration of each treatment

This depends on the extent and density of the growth as well as the area to be treated. 15-30 minutes is an average facial treatment time, while on body areas 1-2 hours is an average treatment on areas such as back, legs, and arms.

On consultation, which is both cost and obligation free, you will be advised on the frequency and duration of the visits that will be required to achieve the outcome you desire.

Extended Treatments (marathon sessions) are intensive clearances of usually large body areas, where the client only needs to visit every 4-5 months and is ideal for those who travel from interstate to have their entire backs, legs, arms etc. done. These can be for 1, 2, or even 3 whole days and both practitioner and client have several necessary breaks throughout the days.

Will it hurt?

The sensation is really rapid and over before you have actually felt it. On consultation we can treat a few hairs to reassure yourself that there is minimal sensation, prior to committing to treatment.

To completion, how long will my course of treatment take?

A minimum of 9 months to a maximum of 2 years - provided a perfect clearance is achieved on each visit.

Effects of Thermolysis on the skin.

FACE - Thermolysis leaves the skin feeling warm and looking pinkish in the treated area. After facial hair removal, our in house aftercare will be applied for several minutes, and will cool the skin, helping it to return to normal in most cases within an hour. Touching the treated area with fingertips and applying make up within 24 hours is not desirable.

BODY - Regardless of the method of electrolysis used, all body areas will form little scabs at the treated follicle sites, which last from a few days to 3 weeks. These are a normal part of the healing process and must not be picked at.

Effects of Galvanism on the skin.

The skin looks pinkish and slightly bumpy. The bumpiness vanishes within a matter of minutes and the pinkness in an hour or two. Both facial and body areas have the potential to scab at the treated sites. This is no cause for alarm. It is a normal part of the healing process. However facial areas, and the back heal within days, whereas extremities can take up to a month. The scabs must not be interfered with.

Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal?

1. The official FDA clearance for electrolysis is PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL while for laser hair removal it is PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION,

2. In the very best of outcomes with Laser hair removal (LHR) there will be 5% of hair left that will require electrolysis in order to be completely hair free.

3. In the very worst of outcomes there occurs paradoxical laser induced hypertrichosis (laser induced hair growth). This can occur on the area that has been treated, or an adjacent area, or on both.

4.LHR is best suited to very dark hair on very fair skin and has never been cited to have caused further growth on lower legs, bikini lines and underarms. All other areas pose a degree of risk, the riskiest being the face, neck, upper arms, shoulder area and occasionally the thighs. LHR is often considered to be mainly for large body areas whereas electrolysis is mainly considered best for the face and smaller areas. This is a fallacy, in skilled hands neither is a big task with electrolysis.

I invite you to try our Apilus Platinum Pure service. It's virtually painless, fast and unrivalled for effectiveness and comfort. 02 9231-1903
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